Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The 2020 Bracket Matrix Links

These are all the links used in this year's Bracket Matrix.

Tier 1 (3+ years in the matrix, above average)

The Bracket Project

1-3-1 Sports
The 17th Seed
Bazinga Bracketology
Boiling the Bracket
Bracketology Corral - Bill Riccette
Bracket Bros
The Bracket Mensa
Bradley01 Bracketology
Busting Bracketologists - CJ
Busting Brackets - Lukas Harkins
Drew's Bracketology
Graham Doeren Bracketology
Head vs. Gut
Hoops HD - Jon Teitel
Inside the Hall
Ivar's Blog
Jason Wells' Bracketology
KY Brackets
Kyle Foster's Bracketology
Making the Madness
March Madness 2020
M+J's Bracket Watch
Mondays are for Bracketology
No Perfect Bracket
Nothing but Nylon
Oak Creek's March Madness
Prime Time Bracketology - Grant Hansell
Random Bracket Blog
RFS Bracket Science
RSN Bracketology
Selje's Bracketology
Spidey's Bracket
Stuck in 1977
Syracusefan7's Bracketology
WNUR Sports

Best Damn Bracket Period
Bracket Brad's Big Board - @NoisyHuevos
Bracket Forecast - Rusty Tutton
Bracket WAG
CBS Sports - Jerry Palm
D Ratings
Delphi Bracketology
Elam Seeding Predictions (M-Sports Fans)
ESPN - Joe Lunardi
Facts and Bracks
Gade Pool
One Man Committee
RaleighWX Bracketology
Rocco Miller's Bracketology
RotoWire BracketZology - Adam Zdroik
Ruckles Bracketology
SB Nation - Chris Dobbertean
Stadium - Tim Krueger
The Steelers n'at
Switch the Coverage
This Ain't Bracket Science
VTS Bracketmaker
Weber Sports

Tier 2 (1-2 years in the matrix, above average)

Anthony's Blog
Bracket Beyond
From the Rafters
Full Court Press
Hardwood and Hollywood
Seanny P Bracketology
Sluder Bracketology

AMA Bracketology
Cardinaldave's Bracketology
Connor Groel's Bracketology (Top Level Sports)
DPI Bracketology
The Game Haus
NCAA.com - Andy Katz
Ryan Tures Bracketology
The Stats Guru

Tier 3 (3+ years in the matrix, below average)

Aidan's Bracketology
Beef's Bracketology
Bracket Predictions
Bracketville USA
Bracks on Bracks
Carolina Sports Thoughts
Deuce 2 Sports
Eye on the Tournament
G Money's Sports Page

Bleacher Report - Kerry Miller
Bracket Odds
Bracket Research
Bracket Zac
College Sports Madness
Crashing the Dance
KPI Rankings
Real Time RPI
RTS Ratings
Schmolik 64
Seed Madness
T-Ranketology - Bart Torvik
Team Rankings
Washington Post - Patrick Stevens
Wilson Rankings

Tier 4 (1-2 years in the matrix, below average)

The BIG Heartland Bracketology (formerly JGood)
Bracket Prophet
Bracket Racket
Bracketology Busters
Busted Bracketology
CBB Review
Cracked Sidewalks
Heartbreak City
Let Me B-Frank
Logan's Sports Ratings
Made for March
The Pi-Rate Ratings

The Athletic - Brian Bennett
Bracket Bingo
Crossroads Sports
Deceptive Speed
The Geek's Bracketology
INCC Stats
Radio.com - Jordan Schwartz
Recspecs730 - Luke Benz (formerly YUSAG)

Tier 5 (New to the matrix)

Akey Bracket Composite
Bluegrass Bracketology
Georgia Basketball Blog
Harrison Bracket
Jacob Larson's Bracketology
JS Bracket Update
Last Word on Pro Basketball
Mad About March
Mark Stouffer's Bracketology
A Matter of Time
Teacher Bracket

All Sports 256
Calm Yourself Bracketology
Dubz on Hoops
FOX Sports - Mike DeCourcy
HerkyHopeful's Sports Blog
jMorr Bracketology
JNG Nitty Gritty Rankings
Our Daily Bears
Paul Hageman's Bracketology
T3 Bracketology
Top Tier Bracketology
YAGO Bracketology
Yahoo Sports - Michael Lazarus

Welcome Back! 2020 Edition

Welcome to yet another season of The Bracket Project.

If you want to contribute to the matrix, please read this:

1. You need to set up a place to post your bracket that will be consistent throughout the season. A blog will do. A web site will most definitely do. A bracket posted on a message board will generally not do. The link will change frequently and will get lost in various discussions, making it difficult for the average reader to find it. (Exception: A message board or Twitter feed devoted exclusively to bracketology or at least, a sticky post.) Also, you can't post it on Facebook or some other social networking site because not everyone can access it. In order to promote discussion, an email address or some comment platform should be provided so that readers can praise or criticize your bracket.

2. You have to tell me where your site is. I don't have a sixth sense when it comes to finding these things. I rely on you and readers like you to tell me what kind of sites to add to this page.

3. A seed list is good enough for the matrix but if you build a bracket, remember that the NCAA sets up procedures and principles for building a bracket. Read them! A seriously flawed bracket won't be posted. However, if your seedings are out of the norm, I'll still most likely post it provided that the principles are followed and you have an explanation as to why you've built the bracket like you did. I reserve the right to not post a bracket with something like a winless team as a #1 seed.

4. Brackets and seed lists should be your opinion only. Don't just copy another site's work (or the matrix) and call it your own.

5. Please date-stamp your bracket. Brackets of a certain age will be removed from the list, and if there's no date-stamp, obviously I can't tell when your bracket was updated.

6. To make it easier on me, please format your bracket so that at least half of it can be seen on the screen at any one time. Brackets must have at least 48 seeded teams to be listed in the matrix. Sites that merely list teams with no seeding can be linked to the page but will not be added to the matrix. To be listed in the final matrix of the season, you must have all 68 seeded teams.

7. No new sites will be added to the 2020 page after March 1, 2020 unless you appear in the rankings page (linked to the side), in which case, you will be grandfathered in. In addition, no bracket will be accepted to the final matrix of the season after the beginning of the Selection Sunday show.

8. Link to my site! I've linked to yours!

9. I'm only one guy. If this could pay me what I get at my regular job, I'd update this site 24/7. That simply is not the case. If someone else can do this better, I'll gladly step aside, but from the looks of it after all these years, I'm still the only (crazy) one. So if you don't see your site on here, an update hasn't been done for a while or I don't respond to you, I hope you'll understand why.

Monday, September 2, 2019

2020 Preseason Bracketology Tracker

Here's a list of sites that have gotten a jump start on the 2019-20 season. This list is frozen as of October 6. Next update will be the first matrix on November 5.

October 6 - Bracket Bingo

October 3 - ESPN - Joe Lunardi

September 16 - Andy Katz

September 4 - Making the Madness

August 1 - CBS Sports - Jerry Palm

August 1 - Busting Brackets

July 24 - Delphi Bracketology

July 23 - Bracket WAG

June 3 - Ivar's Blog

April 9 - Bracket Odds

April 9 - Isaac Perrigo Bracketology

April 9 - Three-Man-Weave

Countdown - College Sports Madness

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sunday, March 17, 2019

2019 NIT Projection

2019 Final Seed List

1 - Virginia, Duke, Gonzaga, Michigan State
2 - North Carolina, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee
3 - Houston, Kansas, Texas Tech, LSU
4 - Florida State, Purdue, Wisconsin, Villanova
5 - Auburn, Kansas State, Marquette, Virginia Tech
6 - Buffalo, Mississippi State, Maryland, Iowa State
7 - Cincinnati, Nevada, Wofford, Louisville
8 - VCU, Central Florida, Washington, Utah State
9 - Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, Seton Hall
10 - TCU, Florida, Syracuse, Baylor
11 - Ole Miss/Temple, Murray State, St. Mary's, Belmont
12 - New Mexico State, Oregon, ASU/Ohio State, Liberty
13 - Yale, UC Irvine, Vermont, Northeastern
14 - Old Dominion, Georgia State, St. Louis, Northern Kentucky
15 - Montana, Colgate, Abilene Christian, Bradley
16 - Gardner-Webb, Prairie View A&M, North Dakota State/Iona, Fairleigh Dickinson/North Carolina Central

Sunday, March 10, 2019

NIT Worksheet - 3/10

I haven't paid too much attention to my own NCAA and NIT brackets this season due to the matrix. I'll definitely have them on Selection Sunday, but we'll wait and see if I have time to make a bracket this week.

In the meantime, here's the list I'm starting out with this week for the NIT (in ABC order).

Automatic Bids thru 3/10

Belmont, Campbell, Lipscomb, Loyola-Chicago, South Dakota State

Top Tier (Half of these teams likely to NCAAs, other half to NIT)

Alabama, Arizona State, Creighton, Florida, Furman, Indiana, NC State, Ohio State, Seton Hall, St. John's, St. Mary's, Temple, Texas, Toledo, UNC-Greensboro

Middle Tier (Likely to NIT, lots of work needed to get to NCAAs)

Arkansas, Butler, Davidson, Dayton, Georgetown, Memphis, Nebraska, Oregon, Providence, Xavier

Bottom Tier (NIT/CBI/CIT/Nothing)

Arizona, BYU, Charleston, Colorado, DePaul, Drake, E. Tennessee State, Fresno State, Kent State, Miami (FL), Missouri, Northeastern, Oregon State, Penn State, San Diego, San Francisco, South Carolina, Tulsa, UCLA, Utah, Utah Valley, Wichita State, Yale, and more