Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

The #2 spot in college football this year was not the place for a team to be. In the last 7 weeks of the season, #2 was 2-5.

We're about two months into the new season and college basketball is potentially looking at the same thing with no team wanting to keep the last #1 seed locked. Three #1's have been occupied by North Carolina, Memphis, and Kansas all season. The last #1 seed in my bracket have been officially held by UCLA and Texas, but Georgetown, Pittsburgh, and Duke have taken turns at that spot only to lose in between bracket releases.

In this week's bracket posted on the main site, Washington State gets the edge over UCLA, which had a surprising struggle against Michigan a week ago. Things will become a lot clearer when these two teams meet in a couple of weeks.

Pittsburgh flirted with the #1 seed before falling to Dayton and losing two starters in the process.

For those who would like to see an actual bracket:

A quick note to the bracketologists out there: With conference play commencing, starting January 7, brackets will need to be updated on a weekly basis to stay in the matrix.

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Nuge's Bracketology said...

Hi, I am a new bracketologist this year and have created a blog with my predictions. i will try to update it abot 3 times per week. Here is the link if you want to add it to the matrix: