Monday, December 3, 2007

The new bracket is posted on the main website and at

UCLA dropped to a #2 seed and Texas moved up to a #1 seed as a result of the Longhorns' victory over the Bruins. The other three #1 seeds remained the same.

Other notes about the bracket:

Ohio State was the last team out. Since the bracket is a snapshot in time, three losses at this point in the season doesn't make a team tourney-worthy, even if it is against Texas A&M, North Carolina, and Butler.

Southern Illinois was the last team in. While the losses they have were against quality teams, a 25-point loss to USC and a home loss to Indiana isn't something to brag about.

Among the surprises in the bracket are Baylor, with only a close loss to Wazzu, California, with wins over Nevada, SDSU, and Missouri, and St. Mary's with wins over Seton Hall and Oregon, however all of these wins were at home.

In the matrix, all the preseason brackets have been taken out. From now on, brackets need to be refreshed at least every two weeks to stay in.

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