Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Bracket Matrix Results - 2011

Bracketologists - Please check the matrix and double-check your scores in case I made a mistake. I did just look at 89 brackets today.

Congratulations to Jordan Schwartz at FOX Sports for having the highest Paymon score among all bracketologists this year. He was the only one to miss one team in the bracket (nobody had a perfect bracket).

Bracket Facts, 68&16 Sportscast, Ivar, and Ryan had the most teams seeded correctly at 38 out of 68.

Countdown to March had the most teams seeded within one at 59 out of 68.

The average Paymon score (3 points for each team picked, 2 points for each team seeded correctly, and 1 point for each teams seeded within one) was 311.6. Joe Lunardi and his team of bracketologists were slightly below average at 310.

Historical rankings will be updated Monday (edit: Wednesday at the latest).

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