Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NIT Bracket - March 9

Just a quick update to reflect the inclusion of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and College of Charleston into the bracket. Other than that, it's largely unchanged from Monday's bracket since only two teams from the last bracket actually played. And those two teams I didn't find a compelling reason to move. Virginia Commonwealth still has a case for a NCAA at-large but has to wait for teams above them to lose. Princeton beat Penn and awaits a playoff against Harvard for the Ivy League championship.

I switched Missouri State and Wichita State after concluding that the regular season championship would carry more weight than WSU's better non-conference and road performance.

Since I have to include Milwaukee and Charleston, I had to kick out two teams. The at-large 7 seeds in the last bracket were Drexel, Tulsa, and Valparaiso. Iona was in the mix too since they lost to St. Peter's in the MAAC championship. In the end, I could only keep one and chose Drexel on the strength of their wins over Louisville on the road, Old Dominion, and VCU.

I'll re-assess the entire bracket on Friday. By that time, a lot more teams should have played a game.


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