Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bracket - March 14

Florida and South Carolina faltered in the SEC tournament and now find themselves out of the field. St. Mary's and Maryland are back in. The Terps' stay may be short-lived depending on today's game vs. Duke and the state of the bubble.

Temple/Duquesne stole a bid with their wins over Xavier and Dayton and I decided to take Penn State's spot away. They suffer from the same problem South Carolina and Providence have: decent conference record but terrible non-conference performance.

Michigan State, with their loss to Ohio State, doesn't really have a shot at the #1 seed. Louisville, Connecticut, and Memphis are now fighting for the last two spots.



Anonymous said...

Did you update your latest projections Friday morning or Friday night? I guess I'd just like to hear why FSU was a 6 seed, behind Illinois, Arizona State, Xavier and Gonzaga.

Bracket Project said...

FSU is a true 5-seed which needed to switch with West Virginia to fit bracket principles.

Anonymous said...

What seed will Cuse be if they lose? Will they be a 3 seed if they win? Will UL still be a 1 seed if the lose?

Bracket Project said...

In my opinion, after MSU lost and Memphis won, Louisville is winding up playing for a number one seed tonite. A win puts them #1 in the South region. Otherwise, UConn gets it. The only threat to Syracuse for the #3 seed is Florida State in the ACC championship tomorrow. Beating UNC and Duke on consecutive days definitely puts you among the teams in the top 3 seed lines.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the FSU answer. That makes sense, because I didn't see any way FSU was a true 6 seed.

If FSU beats Duke, who are your 3 seeds? And if FSU loses, does FSU fall back to a 5 or do they stay a 4?


Anonymous said...

Michigan State in Philadelphia? How do you figure?