Monday, March 2, 2009

Bracket - March 2

Washington was the big winner this week as they swept the Arizona schools en route to at least a share of the Pac-10 championship. They move up to the highest 4 seed on the S-curve.

Turning our attention to the cut line, Oklahoma State finally got a good win on their resume with a home win vs. Texas. No matter what happens against Kansas State on Tuesday however, they really need to win against Oklahoma to get in the NCAAs without a deep run in the Big 12 tourney. Fellow Big 12 member Texas A&M joins the bracket as a 12 seed. They're on a 4-game winning streak and hold wins against Texas, Arizona, and LSU.

From the ACC, Maryland and Miami (FL) re-joins the field of 65. A competitive game against Duke and a road win vs. NC State pushed Maryland into the field. Miami's 6-8 conference record isn't particularly attractive but when those wins include Maryland, Wake Forest, Florida State and a sweep of Boston College, that's better than some teams' entire resumes. Plus, their remaining schedule (@GT and vs. NC St.) sets up well for an 8-8 record heading into the ACC tournament.

Losses by Cincinnati, Michigan, and Virginia Tech dropped them out of today's bracket.


Anonymous said...

So Penn State isn't within 13 teams of making the NCAAs?

2-0 vs. Top 15 teams on the road.
4th place in the Big10

Bracket Project said...

When your non-conference SOS is ranked 322 out of 343 teams according to ESPN with your best win being against Georgia Tech (10-17, 1-13 in the ACC), you had better overachieve in your conference schedule. 9-7 isn't exactly overachieving. However, with losses by teams above them, Penn State is now closer to the cut line than 13 teams. Coupled with another win vs. Illinois, I'd probably put them into the next bracket.

On a personal note, I'm hoping for more than 100 combined points in that game.