Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bracket Project Predictions for 2009

There are nine quintillion ways a 64-team bracket can turn out. This is one of them. This post will be updated as needed during the tournament (meaning I'll probably be wrong a lot and I'll be scribbling out teams and putting new teams in. Hey, I'm good at picking who goes into the tournament, not who's gonna win).

I was right about Morehead State. I'm 1 for 1! Can I stop now?

OK, guess not. Here we go. (Printable version of my original predictions here)

First Round

Louisville over Morehead State (Correct)
Ohio State over Siena (Wrong!)
Utah over Arizona (Wrong!)
Wake Forest over Cleveland State (Wrong!)
West Virginia over Dayton (Wrong!)
Kansas over North Dakota State (Correct)
USC over Boston College (Correct)
Michigan State over Robert Morris (Correct)

Connecticut over Chattanooga (Correct)
BYU over Texas A&M (Wrong!)
Purdue over Northern Iowa (Correct)
Washington over Mississippi State (Correct)
Utah State over Marquette (Wrong!)
Missouri over Cornell (Correct)
California over Maryland (Wrong!)
Memphis over Cal State Northridge (Correct)

Pittsburgh over E. Tennessee State (Correct)
Tennessee over Oklahoma State (Wrong!)
Wisconsin over Florida State (Correct)
Xavier over Portland State (Correct)
UCLA over Virginia Commonwealth (Correct)
Villanova over American (Correct)
Minnesota over Texas (Wrong!)
Duke over Binghamton (Correct)

North Carolina over Radford (Correct)
Butler over LSU (Wrong!)
Illinois over Western Kentucky (Wrong!)
Gonzaga over Akron (Correct)
Arizona State over Temple (Correct)
Syracuse over Stephen F. Austin (Correct)
Michigan over Clemson (Correct)
Oklahoma over Morgan State (Correct)

Second Round

Louisville over Ohio State Siena (Correct)
Utah over Wake Forest over Arizona over Cleveland State (Correct)
West Virginia over Kansas over Dayton (Correct)
Michigan State over USC (Correct)

Connecticut over BYU Texas A&M (Correct)
Purdue over Washington (Correct)
Missouri over Utah State Marquette (Correct)
Memphis over California Maryland (Correct)

Pittsburgh over Tennessee Oklahoma State (Correct)
Xavier over Wisconsin (Correct)
Villanova over UCLA (Correct)
Duke over Minnesota Texas (Correct)

North Carolina over Butler LSU (Correct)
Gonzaga over Illinois Western Kentucky (Correct)
Syracuse over Arizona State (Correct)
Oklahoma over Michigan (Correct)

Sweet 16

Louisville over Utah Arizona (Correct)
Michigan State over West Virginia Kansas (Correct)

Connecticut over Purdue (Correct)
Missouri over Memphis (Correct)

Pittsburgh over Xavier (Correct)
Duke over Villanova (Wrong!)

North Carolina over Gonzaga (Correct)
Syracuse over Oklahoma (Wrong!)

Great Eight

MIDWEST - Louisville over Michigan State (Wrong!)
WEST - Missouri over Connecticut (Wrong!)
EAST - Pittsburgh over Duke Villanova (Wrong!)
SOUTH - North Carolina over Syracuse Oklahoma (Correct)

Final Four

Louisville over Missouri Michigan State over Connecticut
North Carolina over Pittsburgh Villanova


North Carolina over Louisville (I know, not exactly original) Michigan State

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