Monday, March 1, 2010

Bracket - March 1

The only change in terms of teams in this bracket is Mississippi State went in and Rhode Island went out. Mississippi State is in the midst of a three-game winning streak and currently on top of the SEC West. Rhode Island suffered a loss to St. Bonaventure and now the Atlantic 10 is down to 3 teams. However, Dayton is on the doorstep to get right back in with its remaining games against Richmond and St. Louis.

I seriously considered putting Notre Dame in the bracket. They just won against Pittsburgh and at Georgetown but that was after a 3-game losing streak, falling to St. John's, Seton Hall, and Louisville. In the end, I left them as last 8 out. A huge bubble game awaits on Wednesday against Connecticut. Winner is in the bracket.


Anonymous said...

Quick question about the NIT bracket....I'm a UGA fan and am curious about why you think they have a chance at the NIT given their overall record? Is a .500 record not a requirement for the NIT?

UGA has plenty of decent wins, but I'm just not sure they have a chance at the postseason.

Bracket Project said...

When the NCAA took over the NIT, it tossed the rule that teams had to have a .500 record. However, with regular season conference champions earning bids if they don't win their tournament, no at-large team has had less than a .500 record since the NIT instituted the rule. In fact, only the CIT requires a .500 record, but Georgia wouldn't be eligible since the CIT only invites mid-major teams.

I like Georgia since they only have two bad losses to Arkansas and Auburn to go along with wins over Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, and Georgia Tech. The problem as you mentioned is the number of losses, which is why they're at a 7 seed. Also keep in mind that current 7 and 8 seeds are subject to being bumped by regular season conference champions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. A win over Vandy as well.

Will be interesting to see whether a sub .500 team can make it.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why Richmond is a 10 seed? Are you expecting them to lose to both Dayton and Charlotte?

Bracket Project said...

I did notice I have Richmond with a pretty low seed but they haven't done anything wrong (after all, they did just have an 8-game winning streak); it's just that their opponents have gotten worse as the season has progressed.

At one point in the season, with the exception of St. Louis, all of their losses were to tourney bound teams. Now, only Xavier and Wake Forest look to be going to the tournament...though even Wake Forest has lost three straight, potentially 5 with games against Florida State and Clemson coming up.

It also doesn't help that people were thinking that the Atlantic 10 would have 6 bids, but now look like they'll have 3-4. As a result, it weakens my perception of what looks to be a solid Spiders team, if last Saturday was any indication.