Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My team can't make it to the CBI or the CIT??? Say it ain't so!

A few people are reading my NIT page and are wondering why their team isn't even listed in the CBI/CIT section. While I feel the 32 teams I list are the most deserving (quite honestly, I'm mostly looking at computer rankings and RPI by the time I get to team #129), there's still a chance your team could be selected. Take a look at who was invited in 2009 by RPI ranking.


71. Wisconsin-Green Bay
83. Nevada
85. UTEP
86. Houston
89. Northeastern
90. Buffalo
97. Vermont
100. Wyoming
102. College of Charleston
106. Stanford
110. Boise State
129. Richmond
131. Troy
150. St. John's
154. Oregon State
158. Wichita State


95. Evansville
98. Bradley
103. Old Dominion
118. Mount St. Mary's
120. Portland
122. Oakland
124. Belmont
125. Rider
135. Idaho
137. Kent State
138. James Madison
143. Austin Peay
147. Pacific
151. Liberty
163. Drake
175. The Citadel

175! They only invite 129 teams total to the 4 tournaments!

The CBI and CIT are in it to fill their at-large bids and make money, not to find what teams are most deserving. So if your favorite team had a winning record or did okay in a BCS conference, you're going to get consideration.


Anonymous said...

Make money? Most deserving? The Citadel won 20+ games last year and never had a postseason appearance till the CIT. Who cares what their RPI was... they had a dream season and deserved a shot at the postseason.

Bracket Project said...

No disrespect to The Citadel, which I'm sure had a fine season last year. I'm just saying, I'd never seen them on TV and all I saw was their record (18-12 against Div 1 teams), their 175 RPI, their 260 SOS, their tie for second in the conference, and their quarterfinal exit. I wouldn't have given them a second look.

Of course, many teams deserve a shot at the postseason...that's one of the reasons why the NCAA is actively pursuing an expansion of the tournament.

Troy said...

The NCAA is pursuing expansion of the tournament because they took over the NIT in 2006 and they realize they can get a lot more money with those games as part of the NCAA tournament. This is motivated purely by dollars but will be pushed on the spin of fairness, opportunities, etc.