Monday, February 27, 2012

Bracket - February 27

Check the matrix for everybody else's opinion.

Also see this year's schedule for the conference tournaments.

NCAA Seed List and Bracket
1 - Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan State, Kansas
2 - North Carolina, Duke, Missouri, Ohio State
3 - Marquette, Baylor, Georgetown, Michigan
4 - Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, Wichita State
5 - UNLV, Louisville, Temple, Vanderbilt
6 - Murray State, Gonzaga, Florida State, New Mexico
7 - Notre Dame, Alabama, Memphis, Virginia
8 - Saint Louis, Kansas State, Iowa State, Creighton
9 - California, St. Mary's (CA), Connecticut, San Diego State
10 - Harvard, Purdue, Texas, Long Beach State
11 - West Virginia, Southern Miss, BYU, Seton Hall
12 - Middle Tennessee, Iona, Miami, Belmont
13 - Northwestern, Virginia Commonwealth, Cincinnati, Arizona, Xavier, Washington
14 - Akron, Davidson, Oral Roberts, Drexel
15 - Nevada, Texas-Arlington, Weber State, Bucknell
16 - Savannah State, Mississippi Valley State, Long Island, Stony Brook, UNC-Asheville, Valparaiso

NIT Seed list and bracket

Note that teams seeded 6-8 are very vulnerable and could be replaced by conference champions who do not make the NCAA tournament.

1 - South Florida, St. Joseph's, Dayton, Mississippi State
2 - Oregon, Colorado State, North Carolina State, Central Florida
3 - South Dakota State, Illinois, Ohio, New Mexico State
4 - Minnesota, Northern Iowa, Arkansas, Wyoming
5 - LSU, Marshall, Colorado, UCLA
6 - Cleveland State, Stanford, La Salle, Tennessee
7 - Mississippi, Massachusetts, Clemson, Tulsa
8 - St. Bonaventure, Denver, Wagner, Loyola-Maryland

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bracket - February 24

Check the matrix to see what other bracketologists are thinking.

NCAA Seed list for February 24

1 - Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan State, Kansas
2 - Ohio State, Missouri, North Carolina, Duke
3 - Baylor, Florida, Marquette, Georgetown
4 - Florida State, Wichita State, Wisconsin, Michigan
5 - Temple, New Mexico, Louisville, UNLV
6 - St. Louis, Vanderbilt, Indiana, Notre Dame
7 - Memphis, Kansas State, Gonzaga, Murray State
8 - Alabama, Virginia, Creighton, California
9 - St. Mary's (CA), Iowa State, San Diego State, Connecticut
10 - BYU, Seton Hall, Southern Miss, Harvard
11 - Purdue, West Virginia, Long Beach State, Texas
12 - Middle Tennessee, Belmont, Miami, Iona
13 - Cincinnati, Arizona, Xavier, Mississippi State, Washington, Northwestern
14 - Virginia Commonwealth, Oral Roberts, Davidson, Akron
15 - Nevada, Texas-Arlington, Weber State, Bucknell
16 - Valparaiso, LIU-Brooklyn, UNC-Asheville, Savannah State, Stony Brook, Mississippi Valley State

NIT Seed List (note: seeds 6-8 are vulnerable to regular season conference champions who don't earn a spot in the NCAAs)

1 - South Florida, North Carolina State, Colorado State, Oregon
2 - Central Florida, Dayton, St. Joseph's, Illinois
3 - South Dakota State, Drexel, Minnesota, New Mexico State
4 - Northern Iowa, Stanford, Marshall, LSU
5 - Massachusetts, La Salle, Arkansas, Wyoming
6 - UCLA, Ohio, Wagner, Colorado
7 - Mississippi, Maryland, Cleveland State, Tennessee
8 - Tulsa, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Clemson

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bracket - February 20

A brief update as I get the matrix updated for tonite.

NCAA seed list:

1 - Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan State, Missouri
2 - Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Ohio State
3 - Georgetown, Baylor, Marquette, Florida
4 - Michigan, Wisconsin, Wichita State, Louisville
5 - Florida State, UNLV, New Mexico, Indiana
6 - Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Temple, St. Louis
7 - Murray State, Memphis, California, Gonzaga
8 - Kansas State, Creighton, Harvard, Virginia
9 - West Virginia, Southern Miss, St. Mary's (CA), San Diego State
10 - Texas, Alabama, Connecticut, Iowa State
11 - Purdue, BYU, Northwestern, Seton Hall
12 - Middle Tennessee, Miami, FL, Mississippi State, Long Beach State
13 - Arizona, Xavier, North Carolina State, Cincinnati, Iona, Belmont
14 - Davidson, Akron, Oral Roberts, Virginia Commonwealth
15 - Nevada, Texas-Arlington, Bucknell, Weber State
16 - Stony Brook, Savannah State, UNC-Asheville, Mississippi Valley, State, LIU-Brooklyn, Valparaiso

BYU and Texas switched seeds so that BYU doesn't play on Sundays.

NIT Seed List:

It's my first NIT bracket of the year so the standard disclaimer: I'm much, much, much better at trying to predict the NCAA bracket than the NIT bracket.  Regular readers know this well.  Also, seed lines 6-8 are vulnerable since regular season conference champions who don't go the NCAA tournament get an automatic bid here. 

So here we go.

1 - St. Joseph's, Washington, Minnesota, Illinois
2 - South Florida, Colorado State, Dayton, Central Florida
3 - Drexel, South Dakota State, Oregon, Arkansas
4 - Marshall, LSU, Wyoming, Colorado
5 - Northern Iowa, La Salle, Wagner, New Mexico State
6 - Massachusetts, Stanford, Cleveland State, UCLA
7 - Mississippi, Missouri State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech
8 - Maryland, Loyola Marymount, Ohio, Pittsburgh

Here's the NIT bracket (yep, there are principles and procedures to making a NIT bracket too!).

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm taking a short 10-day vacation so there won't be any updates while I'm gone.  Look for a matrix update on February 18 and new NCAA and NIT brackets on President's Day.

In the meantime, use the links page and the matrix page and check out everybody's brackets the old-fashioned way.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bracket - February 6

Check out the matrix here.

Full bracket here.  Next bracket is scheduled to be published February 20 along with the return of NIT projections (fair warning: as good as I may be at NCAA projections, I'm as equally bad at the NIT).
1 - Kentucky, Syracuse, Ohio State, Missouri
2 - Michigan State, Baylor, Kansas, North Carolina
3 - Georgetown, Duke, Florida, UNLV
4 - Marquette, Florida State, St. Mary's (CA), Creighton
5 - Wisconsin, Murray State, San Diego State, Indiana
6 - Wichita State, Michigan, Louisville, Virginia
7 - Gonzaga, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Vanderbilt
8 - Memphis, Temple, New Mexico, West Virginia
9 - St. Louis, Iowa State, Alabama, Harvard
10 - Connecticut, California, Illinois, Kansas State
11 - Minnesota, BYU, Notre Dame, Texas
12 - Middle Tennessee, Purdue, Long Beach State, Miami, Fla.
13 - Arizona, Seton Hall, Northwestern, Xavier, Iona, Cleveland State
14 - Akron, Oral Roberts, Belmont, Davidson
15 - Drexel, Nevada, Bucknell, Weber State,
16 - Texas-Arlington, NC-Asheville, LIU-Brooklyn, Norfolk State, Stony Brook, Mississippi Valley State