Friday, February 28, 2014

Bracket - February 28

Here's my bracket for games thru February 27. As always, this is my opinion and not based on the Bracket Matrix.


1 - Arizona, Kansas, Florida, Wichita State
2 - Syracuse, Creighton, Villanova, Wisconsin
3 - Duke, Iowa State, Michigan, Virginia
4 - Louisville, Cincinnati, Michigan State, Kentucky
5 - Saint Louis, North Carolina, Ohio State, Texas
6 - San Diego State, UCLA, Iowa, Massachusetts
7 - Connecticut, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona State
8 - Kansas State, Virginia Commonwealth, Oregon, SMU
9 - George Washington, Stanford, Gonzaga, Colorado
10 - Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, Baylor, Memphis
11 - Xavier, St. Joseph's, Arkansas/Florida State, Minnesota/California
12 - BYU, North Dakota State, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Harvard
13 - Louisiana Tech, Stephen F. Austin, Iona, Georgia State
14 - Mercer, Delaware, Belmont, Vermont
15 - UC Irvine, Boston University, North Carolina Central, Western Michigan
16 - Robert Morris, Davidson, Weber State/Utah Valley, High Point/Alabama State

BYU was shifted down to a 12 to fit bracketing principles (no Sunday games).

The NIT Bracket Project

Conference Championships Schedule - 2014

Here's my annual pdf to guide you through when you can catch all the conference tournaments happening in the next two weeks.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bracket - February 25

Here's my updated bracket for games thru February 24. This is my opinion and not based on the Bracket Matrix.

1 - Kansas, Arizona, Florida, Wichita State
2 - Syracuse, Villanova, Creighton, Duke
3 - Wisconsin, Saint Louis, Michigan, Louisville
4 - Virginia, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Kentucky
5 - Michigan State, San Diego State, Ohio State, Iowa
6 - North Carolina, UCLA, Texas, Massachusetts
7 - Oklahoma, Connecticut, New Mexico, Virginia Commonwealth
8 - SMU, Memphis, George Washington, Stanford
9 - Baylor, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, Colorado
10 - Arizona State, Gonzaga, Oklahoma State, BYU
11 - Oregon, St. John's, Missouri, California/Xavier
12 - Nebraska/St. Joseph's, Harvard, Wisconsin-Green Bay, North Dakota State
13 - Stephen F. Austin, Iona, New Mexico State, Middle Tennessee
14 - Mercer, UC Santa Barbara, Delaware, Vermont
15 - Georgia State, Belmont, Western Michigan, Boston University
16 - North Carolina Central, Robert Morris, Davidson/Weber State, VMI/Alabama State

The NIT Bracket Project 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bracket - February 22

Here's my updated bracket. This is my opinion and not based on the Bracket Matrix.

1 - Arizona, Syracuse, Florida, Wichita State
2 - Kansas, Creighton, Villanova, Duke
3 - Cincinnati, Wisconsin, San Diego State, St. Louis
4 - Michigan State, Iowa State, Virginia, Kentucky
5 - Iowa, Louisville, Texas, UCLA
6 - Michigan, Ohio State, Connecticut, Massachusetts
7 - North Carolina, Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Arizona State
8 - Colorado, Kansas State, Virginia Commonwealth, Memphis
9 - George Washington, Pittsburgh, New Mexico, Oregon
10 - Missouri, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Stanford
11 - SMU, Tennessee, Xavier, BYU/St. John's
12 - California/St. Joseph's, Harvard, Wisconsin-Green Bay, North Dakota State
13 - Stephen F. Austin, Mercer, Iona, UTEP
14 - Vermont, Georgia State, Belmont, Delaware
15 - UC Irvine, Boston University, Western Michigan, North Carolina Central
16 - Robert Morris, Davidson, Utah Valley/Weber State, High Point/Alabama State


1 - Minnesota, Providence, Nebraska, Dayton
2 - Florida State, Arkansas, Richmond, West Virginia
3 - Marquette, Toledo, Georgetown, Southern Miss
4 - Clemson, LSU, Maryland, Boise State
5 - St. Mary's, St. Bonaventure, North Carolina State, Louisiana Tech
6 - Mississippi, Oregon State, Indiana State, Utah
7 - Illinois, Washington, Middle Tennessee, Indiana
8 - Texas Tech, Ohio, Wyoming, Wake Forest

Also Considered (in ABC order): Eastern Michigan, Georgia, Manhattan, New Mexico State, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Purdue, San Francisco, Seton Hall, UNLV, Vanderbilt

Friday, February 14, 2014

NCAA and NIT Brackets - February 14

Here's my updated bracket. This is my opinion and not based on the Bracket Matrix.

1 - Syracuse, Arizona, Florida, Wichita State
2 - Kansas, Villanova, Michigan State, Duke
3 - San Diego State, Cincinnati, Iowa State, Kentucky
4 - Michigan, Saint Louis, Creighton, Louisville
5 - Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas
6 - Memphis, Pittsburgh, UCLA, Ohio State
7 - Connecticut, Kansas State, Massachusetts, Gonzaga
8 - SMU, Oklahoma, Virginia Commonwealth, North Carolina
9 - Arizona State, George Washington, Oklahoma State, Colorado
10 - New Mexico, California, Xavier, Stanford
11 - Minnesota, Tennessee, Oregon, Missouri/Georgetown
12 - Richmond/Providence, Southern Miss, Toledo, Harvard
13 - Wisconsin-Green Bay, UC Santa Barbara, Delaware, North Dakota State
14 - Georgia State, Stephen F. Austin, Iona, Mercer
15 - Vermont, North Carolina Central, American, Belmont
16 - Davidson, Robert Morris, Weber State/Utah Valley, Southern/Coastal Carolina


1 - BYU, Baylor, Florida State, Dayton
2 - Arkansas, St. Joseph's, West Virginia, St. John's
3 - North Carolina State, Marquette, St. Mary's, LSU
4 - Maryland, Nebraska, Louisiana Tech, Clemson
5 - St. Bonaventure, Mississippi, Boise State, Indiana State
6 - Oregon State, Indiana, Utah, Washington
7 - Texas Tech, Ohio, Illinois, Wake Forest
8 - Wyoming, Notre Dame, Penn State, Northwestern

Also Considered (in ABC order): Akron, Manhattan, Miami (FL), Penn State, Purdue, UNLV, UTEP, Vanderbilt

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 NIT Bracketology Links

Here are some sites that I've visited while updating the matrix that have started offering NIT predictions this season. Drop me a line if I've missed any. I'll update this post periodically as the season progresses.
To learn more about the NIT, visit the NCAA page and read the principles and procedures.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bracket - February 8

Here's my updated bracket. This is my opinion and not based on the Bracket Matrix.

1 - Syracuse, Arizona, Florida, Wichita State
2 - Kansas, Villanova, Michigan State, San Diego State
3 - Cincinnati, Duke, Michigan, Creighton
4 - Iowa State, Kentucky, Iowa, Louisville
5 - Texas, St. Louis, Virginia, Wisconsin
6 - Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Oklahoma State
7 - Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Massachusetts, UCLA
8 - Stanford, North Carolina, Memphis, Virginia Commonwealth
9 - George Washington, Kansas State, Colorado, Florida State
10 - New Mexico, Tennessee, Arizona State, Xavier
11 - California, Oregon, Minnesota, SMU/Providence
12 - Missouri/Baylor, Harvard, Southern Miss, Toledo
13 - Wisconsin-Green Bay, Stephen F. Austin, UC Santa Barbara, Mercer
14 - Delaware, Georgia State, Belmont, Iona
15 - American, North Carolina Central, IPFW, Stony Brook
16 - Utah Valley, Davidson, Robert Morris/Weber State, Southern/VMI

First 4 out: Richmond, BYU, Georgetown, Indiana

My NIT bracketology starts up this Friday. If I was doing a bracket today, these 40 teams (in ABC order) would be on my board and I'd have to whittle it down to a 32-team bracket.

Arkansas, Boise State, Butler, BYU, Clemson, Dayton, Eastern Michigan, Georgetown, Illinois, Indiana, Indiana State, La Salle, Louisiana Tech, LSU, Manhattan, Marquette, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina State, North Dakota State, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio, Oregon State, Penn State, Purdue, Richmond, Seton Hall, St. Bonaventure, St. John's, St. Joseph's, St. Mary's, UNLV, Utah, UTEP, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Washington, and West Virginia

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bracket - February 1

Here's my updated bracket. This is not a bracket based on the Bracket Matrix.

1 - Arizona, Syracuse, Florida, Kansas
2 - Wichita State, Michigan State, San Diego State, Villanova
3 - Oklahoma State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Cincinnati
4 - Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, Creighton
5 - Pittsburgh, Iowa State, Iowa, Massachusetts
6 - UCLA, Oklahoma, Memphis, St. Louis
7 - Texas, Virginia, Ohio State, Gonzaga
8 - George Washington, Minnesota, Connecticut, Xavier
9 - Kansas State, Virginia Commonwealth, Colorado, Florida State
10 - Tennessee, Arizona State, North Carolina, New Mexico
11 - Providence, Missouri, Oregon, Stanford/LSU
12 - California/SMU, Southern Miss, Harvard, Toledo
13 - Wisconsin-Green Bay, Mercer, Stephen F. Austin, Delaware
14 - Canisius, Georgia State, Belmont, UC Santa Barbara
15 - American, North Carolina Central, IPFW, Robert Morris
16 - Utah Valley, Stony Brook, Weber State/Southern, Chattanooga/Coastal Carolina