Monday, January 28, 2013

Bracket - January 28

A lot of movement in the bracket but the only new at-large team is La Salle, replacing Boise State. Villanova is the first team out.  Yes they got those two huge wins last week, but we're all about resumes now and those Providence and Columbia losses stick out.  We'll wait a week and see how they (and the teams above them) do.

I really don't think the NCAA will send first round winners west to San Jose so I moved up one of the first-round games to an 11 seed to keep them closer to Dayton. 

This bracket takes into account games played thru January 27 and is independent from what the Bracket Matrix shows.

1 - Michigan, Kansas, Florida, Indiana
2 - Arizona, Duke, Gonzaga, Syracuse
3 - Butler, Ohio State, Louisville, Michigan State
4 - Wichita State, Minnesota, Oregon, Miami (FLA.)
5 - Creighton, North Carolina State, Cincinnati, New Mexico
6 - Missouri, Kansas State, San Diego State, Mississippi
7 - Wisconsin, Marquette, UNLV, Colorado State
8 - Pittsburgh, Virginia Commonwealth, Georgetown, UCLA
9 - Notre Dame, Belmont, Colorado, Baylor
10 - North Carolina, Southern Miss, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma
11 - SMC/Memphis, Kentucky, Illinois, La Salle
12 - BYU, Middle Tennessee, Bucknell, Iowa State
13 - Wyoming/Iowa, Louisiana Tech, Akron, Stephen F. Austin
14 - Davidson, Harvard, Stony Brook, Valparaiso
15 - Northeastern, Long Beach State, Niagara, Western Illinois
16 - Southern/Mercer, Robert Morris/Charleston Southern, NC-Central, Montana

Bracket (I haven't checked this to get rid of regular season rematches, so it may have a few.)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bracket - January 21

Hey, it's my first bracket of the season.  As always, this is my opinion and not based on the bracket matrix.  Applies for games played through January 20. Here we go.

Illinois/Southern Miss moved up to an 11 seed to conform to bracket principles.

1 - Duke, Michigan, Kansas, Syracuse
2 - Louisville, Arizona, Florida, Indiana
3 - Butler, Gonzaga, Minnesota, Michigan State
4 - Ohio State, Kansas State, Creighton, New Mexico
5 - Oregon, Wichita State, North Carolina State, Virginia Commonwealth
6 - Cincinnati, UNLV, Missouri, Miami (FL)
7 - San Diego State, Mississippi, Marquette, Notre Dame
8 - Pittsburgh, UCLA, Colorado State, Wisconsin
9 - Oklahoma State, Wyoming, Kentucky, Belmont
10 - Baylor, Colorado, Iowa State, Oklahoma
11 - Memphis, North Carolina, Bucknell, Illinois/Southern Miss
12 - Boise State, Iowa, BYU, Middle Tennessee
13 - St. Mary's/Georgetown, North Dakota State, Stephen F. Austin, Akron
14 - Weber State, Harvard, Valparaiso, Louisiana Tech
15 - Davidson, Bryant, Long Beach State, North Carolina Central
16 - Northeastern, Vermont, Charleston Southern/Stetson, Niagara/Southern