Monday, January 31, 2011

Bracket - January 31

In all honesty, this is a pretty ugly bracket. Let's just read it and move on. A seeding update is scheduled for Friday as is the first NIT bracket, which could be even messier.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bracket - January 24

San Diego State's undefeated season continues with its placement as the last #1 seed in my bracket joining Ohio State, Pittsburgh, and Duke. For those lucky enough to get CBS College Sports, this Wednesday's matchup against BYU figures to be the game of the year out least until the rematch in one month.

Two mid-majors falling out of the bracket are Central Florida and Gonzaga. UCF looked poised to run away with the CUSA title until it lost its last 4 games, including two home games against East Carolina and Rice. Now the CUSA is a muddled mess. A team with as many as 6 losses in conference play could possibly claim the regular season title.

Gonzaga had a road trip to the SF Bay Area. It's a beautiful place so maybe the team was distracted with sightseeing. It certainly wasn't dominating opponents Santa Clara and USF like seasons past. Winning two of three against St. Mary's (twice) and Memphis seems like a must.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bracket - January 17

I watched a few games over the weekend waiting for football to show up and there were lots of opportunities for bubble teams to distinguish themselves with an upset victory. In the end, two teams made statements this week to get into this week's bracket: Florida State beat Duke and NC State while Colorado beat Kansas State and Oklahoma State (as well as Missouri). Both teams have a questionable loss that will keep them near the bubble but their schedules are manageable enough to keep up the momentum.

This bracket also reflects 11 teams from the Big East. Considering no conference has gotten more than 8 teams into the tournament, it's certainly a mark worth keeping track of during the course of the season.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bracket - January 10

So I was in DC for the past few days. Did I miss anything?

It was an upset-filled Saturday as many top teams fell. However, the top line stayed the same in this week's bracket and the second line had only one newbie, Purdue, now 4-0 in the Big Ten against middle-of-the-road competition. They have an interesting week with road games at Minnesota and West Virginia.

The notable team falling out of the bracket is Memphis. A 20-point loss to Tennessee shined the spotlight on the Tigers' middling resume so far. Three losses to top teams, its best win being a 4-point win at home vs. Miami, a 12 seed this week, and OT wins against Austin Peay and Arkansas State, also at home.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scheduling Update

I'll be in DC for a few days so no updates until Monday.

Starting Monday, I think I'll have a regular schedule in place for the rest of the season as follows:

Bracket Matrix:

Every Monday
Every Friday starting in February
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday when needed
Saturdays are skipped except for the last Saturday of the regular season

Bracket Project:

NCAA: Full Bracket on Mondays, Seeding Updates on Fridays starting in February
NIT: Full Bracket on Fridays starting in February

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bracket - January 3

A quick update today with a new matrix up shortly. Today marks the start of weekly updates to the Bracket Project and will become more frequent as we get closer to mid-March.

Top seeds have remained consistent with Duke, Ohio State, and Kansas filling out the top 3 spots. The last spot has been going to the top Big East team, which for this week is Syracuse.

The first round games involving at-large teams pit Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee and Florida State vs. USC.