Monday, January 24, 2011

Bracket - January 24

San Diego State's undefeated season continues with its placement as the last #1 seed in my bracket joining Ohio State, Pittsburgh, and Duke. For those lucky enough to get CBS College Sports, this Wednesday's matchup against BYU figures to be the game of the year out least until the rematch in one month.

Two mid-majors falling out of the bracket are Central Florida and Gonzaga. UCF looked poised to run away with the CUSA title until it lost its last 4 games, including two home games against East Carolina and Rice. Now the CUSA is a muddled mess. A team with as many as 6 losses in conference play could possibly claim the regular season title.

Gonzaga had a road trip to the SF Bay Area. It's a beautiful place so maybe the team was distracted with sightseeing. It certainly wasn't dominating opponents Santa Clara and USF like seasons past. Winning two of three against St. Mary's (twice) and Memphis seems like a must.

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