Monday, February 25, 2013

Bracket - February 25

The revolving wheel points to Michigan and Duke as #1 seeds this week, replacing Florida and Miami.  On the bottom of the bracket, Temple comes in to replace Baylor, free-falling on a three-game losing streak.

1 - Indiana, Duke, Gonzaga, Michigan
2 - Florida, Kansas, Miami (FL), Louisville
3 - Georgetown, Michigan State, Syracuse, Arizona
4 - Ohio State, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Kansas State
5 - Marquette, Oklahoma State, Colorado State, Pittsburgh
6 - UNLV, St. Louis, Memphis, Minnesota
7 - Butler, San Diego State, Virginia Commonwealth, North Carolina State
8 - Notre Dame, Missouri, North Carolina, Wichita State
9 - Creighton, Oregon, Oklahoma, UCLA
10 - Colorado, Cincinnati, Illinois, St. Mary's
11 - Kentucky, Ole Miss, California, Iowa State, Middle Tennessee
12 - Akron, Belmont, La Salle, Virginia
13 - Bucknell, Villanova, Temple, Louisiana Tech, Valparaiso
14 - Harvard, South Dakota State, Davidson, Stony Brook
15 - Northwestern State, Niagara, Long Beach State, Montana
16 - Charleston Southern, Norfolk State, Mercer, Robert Morris, Northeastern, Southern


Monday, February 18, 2013

Bracket - February 18

Gonzaga is my last #1 seed.  But it'll be tough to hold on to.  All the teams behind them have big games to boost their resumes while Gonzaga only has 4 relatively easy games and probably another chance to beat St. Mary's in the conference tourney.

Cal makes it in the field to replace Indiana State.

1 - Indiana, Miami (FL), Florida, Gonzaga
2 - Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Duke
3 - Georgetown, Syracuse, Kansas, Arizona
4 - Wisconsin, New Mexico, Kansas State, Oklahoma State
5 - Marquette, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Colorado State
6 - Butler, Cincinnati, Virginia Commonwealth, Minnesota
7 - San Diego State, Memphis, North Carolina State, Illinois
8 - Creighton, Oregon, Missouri, UNLV
9 - North Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, Notre Dame
10 - Kentucky, St. Louis, UCLA, Wichita State
11 - La Salle, Baylor, Middle Tennessee, Iowa State
12 - Ole Miss, Virginia, Belmont, St. Mary's, Akron
13 - Louisiana Tech, Villanova, California, Valparaiso, South Dakota State
14 - Davidson, Stony Brook, Lehigh, Harvard
15 - Northwestern State, Long Beach State, Montana, Niagara
16 - Mercer, Robert Morris, Northeastern, Southern, Norfolk State, High Point

As usual, didn't have time to weed out regular season rematches so you might find a few in this bracket.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bracket - February 11

After a series of losses by the top teams, the top line on this bracket kept 3 teams from last week, only replacing Florida with Miami.  At the bottom, Virginia, Temple and Villanova come in to replace BYU, Maryland and Southern Miss.

The first four out are Stanford, Southern Miss, Boise State, and BYU.

Starting next week, NIT bracketology begins as well as twice-a-week brackets.  This is going to be fun.  Not.

1 - Duke, Indiana, Miami (FL), Michigan
2 - Florida, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Michigan State
3 - Arizona, Louisville, Kansas, Kansas State
4 - Ohio State, Butler, Pittsburgh, Georgetown
5 - Oklahoma State, Marquette, Wisconsin, New Mexico
6 - Minnesota, Colorado State, North Carolina State, San Diego State
7 - Oregon, Creighton, Cincinnati, Notre Dame
8 - Missouri, Virginia Commonwealth, UNLV, Memphis
9 - Colorado, Kentucky, UCLA, Oklahoma
10 - Belmont, St. Mary's, Illinois, Iowa State
11 - Wichita State, Mississippi, North Carolina, La Salle, Virginia
12 - St. Louis, Middle Tennessee, Baylor, Akron
13 - Temple, Villanova, Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana Tech, Lehigh
14 - Valparaiso, Davidson, Harvard, Florida Gulf Coast
15 - Long Beach State, Vermont, Northeastern, Montana
16 - Niagara, Western Illinois, Bryant, North Carolina Central, NC-Asheville, Southern

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bracket - February 4

Here's this week's seed list and bracket.  Indiana moves up to the top spot while St. Louis replaces Wyoming. 

1 - Indiana, Florida, Michigan, Duke
2 - Gonzaga, Kansas, Miami (FL), Arizona
3 - Louisville, Ohio State, Syracuse, Michigan State
4 - Kansas State, Creighton, Butler, New Mexico
5 - Minnesota, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Oregon
6 - Marquette, North Carolina State, UNLV, Pittsburgh
7 - Missouri, Colorado State, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin
8 - Mississippi, Wichita State, San Diego State, Virginia Commonwealth
9 - Oklahoma, Kentucky, Notre Dame, North Carolina
10 - Baylor, Memphis, UCLA, Belmont
11 - Southern Miss, Colorado, St. Mary's, BYU, La Salle
12 - Akron, St. Louis, Middle Tennessee, Iowa State
13 - Illinois, Maryland, Louisiana Tech, Stephen F. Austin, Lehigh
14 - Harvard, Valparaiso, Stony Brook, South Dakota State
15 - Davidson, Long Beach State, Niagara, Florida Gulf Coast
16 - Montana, Northeastern, NC-Central, Bryant, Charleston Southern, Southern