Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whether it's 6 months before the season starts or 6 minutes, I'm always wary of pre-season brackets. Generally, they're a waste of time. How much do I care? My own pre-season bracket in early November just runs down the teams in the pre-season polls. That's it.

That's why with Joe Lunardi's second bracket of the offseason released yesterday, I don't have a major opinion about it. Joe admits it's probably unnecessary and highly inaccurate, but that he did get the top seeds from his first pre-season bracket last year correct. Well, good for him. And that's the extent to which I care when I read early brackets. Do I need to figure out who's fighting for the bubble right now? No.

Two minor qualms I might have about Joe's bracket. Until we see the performances on the court, I'm not convinced we'll see a conference send nine teams to the dance. And the fact that UNC has earned the overall seed based on this unknown Lunardi formula is pretty laughable.

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