Monday, November 10, 2008

The 2008-09 Bracket Matrix Links

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This list is now locked in for 2009. Sites which do not appear here but did in the past should email me to be included in the 2009 matrix.

As usual, brackets must have been updated within one week to appear in the matrix.

If I counted correctly, 78 sites are currently being tracked for The Bracket Matrix:

The Bracket Project (BP)
ESPN - Joe Lunardi
CBS Sportsline - Jerry Palm who can also be found at
FOX Sports on MSN - Frank Burlison
Rivals - Mike Huguenin
Sporting News - Ryan Fagan
Sports Illustrated - Andy Glockner
Yahoo! Sports - Brad Evans

Baseline Stats - Brendon Desrochers
Basketball Predictions (BaP)
Beating the Experts (BtE)
Bleacher Report - Mike Alessandrini (BR-MA), Matt Browning (BR-MB), Marc Daley (BR-MD), Jameson Fleming (BR-JF), Jonathan Goodman (BR-JG), Curt Hogg (BR-CH), Gary Lloyd (BR-GL), Shaun Reilly (BR-SR), Jordan Schwartz (BR-JS), and Andy Thompson (BR-AT)
Blogging the Bracket (BtB)
The Bracketeer (TB)
The Bracketeer - Bluejay Basketball (TBBB)
Bracketology 65 (B65)
Bracketology 101 (B101)
Bracketville (BV)
Bracket Bash (BB)
The Bracket Board (TBB)
Bracket Dobber (BD)
Bracket Predictions (BrP)
The Bracket of Truth - Mike (BT-M) and Jacob (BT-J)
Bryce's Bracket Predictions
College Hoops Net - March Madness All Season (MMAS)
College Hoops Net - Shawn Siegel (CHN)
Cookin' Up College Hoops (Cook)
The Eclecticist (TE)
The HoopGroup's Facts & Bracks (F&B)
Howard Salwasser's Bracket Watch (BW)
Joey's Sports Blog
March Madness 09 (MM09)
Mike on Sports
New York Daily News - Hoops on Campus (NYDN)
New York Post - Brian Costello (NYP)
Nuge's Bracketology
Online Sports Fanatic - Daniel Evans (OSF-E), Hofstad (OSF-H), Schwader (OSF-S)
PHSports - Where Sport and Thought Intersect
Rainmaker's Bracketology
RoundTableSports (RTS)
Rush the Court - Zach Hayes
Schmolik 64
The Schoeneck Republic (TSR)
Storming the Floor
Washington Times' D1Scourse - Patrick Stevens (WT)

Beer's Bracket
Bracketography (Graph)
Bracket WAG (CSF)
The Columbus Dispatch - Bill Rabinowitz (CD)
Coolpohle's Bracketology (CB) which can also be found at
Crashing the Dance (CtD)
Feature Presentation Online - Breaking Down the Bracket (FPO)
The Hoops Report - Ryan Feldman (THR)
Jason's Bracketogoly (JB)
JuniorNoboa's Bracketology (JN)
Lobofan2003's Bracketology
Mackinder's Bracketography (Mac)
MAG NCAA Tournament Projections
Maize and Blue Matters (M&B)
NCAA Bracket (NB)
RPI Forecast
VanDongen Computer Rankings (VCR)
VTS Bracketmaker
Warren Nolan's Fully Sports (WN)


Rainmaker203 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bracketbash said...

Check out my bracket at

Anonymous said...

What happened to Drew Barnette? Did he change the name of his site, he always had the best analysis out of all the bloggers

Bracket Project said...

If Drew has resurfaced, I don't know where. Anyone out there know?

Howard Salwasser said...

We've got another one, this one's called Bracket Bowl.


peckm1 said...

Best bracket on the web, updated daily.
The Bracket Of Truth!

Check it out!

Howard Salwasser said...

Found this site on the comments page for Joe Lunardi's latest.