Monday, December 15, 2008

Bracket - December 15

I've added a new page to the Bracket Project. The tracker will track a team's progress in the matrix over the course of the season.

Ohio State must have had arguably the best 3-game stretch of the season so far. Wins over Miami (FLA), Notre Dame, and Butler have vaulted them up my bracket to a 4 seed. Other teams making a move up are Arizona (with its upset win over Gonzaga. However, it'll take a bit more to get that disastrous UAB ending out of my end), Michigan (giant-killer), and Missouri (convincing wins over USC and Cal).

On the flip side, Kansas and Florida are looking a little weak so far this year after two losses for both teams (Kansas to UMass and Syracuse and Florida to Syracuse and Florida State) and they also share only one quality win over Washington. In addition, Wazzu just lost two straight at home, albeit to Baylor and Gonzaga. For now, they're out of the bracket.


The Commish said...

How did a team that beat Florida State and is 7-1 not make the bracket, but Florida State did?

Leaving out Northwestern at this point is just sad.

Bracket Project said...

In comparing Northwestern to Florida State, the Seminoles are 10-1, went cross-country to Vegas to beat Cincinnati and Cal and beat Florida, a quality team (albeit overrated). Northwestern is relatively untested. Lemme judge them after the Stanford game, a team also untested so far this year and cruising at 5-0.