Monday, December 28, 2009

Bracket - December 28

Quiet past couple of weeks as we celebrate the holidays. It's during these quiet weeks where small streaks get noticed. Just look at USC. With their new transfer Gerrity, they are rolling with a 6-game winning streak with wins over Tennessee, St. Mary's, and UNLV. And with the Pac-10 ripe for the taking, USC is in a great position. Can't overlook the 4 losses yet (which is why they're not in the field) but they have a chance to make a great statement against the Arizona schools at home this week.

On the flip side, Florida was in danger of falling out of the field with their own 3-game losing streak (Syracuse, Richmond, and South Alabama). They settled at an 11 seed. Luckily, they've got 2 easy games before a road test at North Carolina State and the start of the SEC schedule.

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