Sunday, March 16, 2008

The 2008 Bracket Matrix Leaderboard

It was personally my best year ever at The Bracket Project, but looking at the results, I guess I'll be relinquishing my title this year. So without much further ado...

Brackets with all 65 teams picked:

Joe Lunardi at ESPN, Jerry Palm, Bracketology3, Shawn Siegel at CHN, BracketDobber, and The Hoop Group's Facts & Bracks

Top brackets with the most teams seeded exactly right:

(Note: The Bracket Matrix consensus of 53 brackets got 42 exactly right.)

March Madness All Season: 41
Bracketology 101: 40
DantheMan4250: 39
Facts & Bracks: 38
Bracket WAG: 38

Top brackets with the most teams seeded within one of the actual seed:

Bracketology 101: 60
Mike on Sports: 60
March Madness All Season: 59
CollegeHoopsNet: 59
7 tied at 58

Top overall brackets (Gary Parrish scoring):

Bracketology 101: 164
March Madness All Season: 164
Mike on Sports: 161
CollegeHoopsNet: 161
Bracket WAG: 160
Facts & Bracks: 160

(Note: The Bracket Matrix consensus of 53 brackets got a 163.)

Top overall brackets (Paymon scoring):

March Madness All Season: 333
Bracketology 101 : 332
CollegeHoopsNet: 328
Facts & Bracks: 328
Mike on Sports: 326

(Note: The Bracket Matrix consensus of 53 brackets got a 333.)

The full matrix can be found here.


Anonymous said...

You may have the data to say precisely when Lunardi came up with the insight to jump Villanova about six spots, from well out to last in. Looked to me like it was about 5:40.

It seemed like he did the same thing last year with Arkansas, so I was watching a little more closely this time.

Wouldn't that be about when the bracket goes to ESPN for them to prepare their graphics? That sure would make it easier to get a 100% of them right.

Bracket Project said...

I didn't take a look at Lunardi's brackets on Sunday until his final one but according to his "Bracket Math" blog entries:

At 1 am ET Sunday, he had Villanova as the 3rd team out.

At 3 pm ET Sunday, he had Villanova as the 2nd to last team in.

What changed in 14 hours? I'm not sure. You'll have to ask him.

Bracketology 101 said...

Lunardi verbally made the change early on Sunday but it may not have made the internet until later in the afternoon. In the morning/early afternoon on ESPN they showed his last four in/out and he had Villanova and Virginia Tech in at that point with Illinois State and Ohio State out.

As for Palm on his paysite he has a time stamped statement about changing his mind on Illinois State right before the bracket was announced. He was having internet issues and got his bracket posted late on both the paysite and regular one.

Anonymous said...

That's all fine, but what happened on Sunday morning to cause him to move Villanova up four spots? (His claim that he now realized the St. Joe's game -- a 22 point loss -- was more impressive is, um, thin.) What happened on Sunday morning last year to cause him to move Arkansas similarly?

Anonymous said...

42 correctly seeded teams for the consensus of the all the brackets vs. 41 for the best individual bracket. The wisdom of crowds, eh?

Anonymous said...

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