Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bracket - March 7

Oregon's win over Arizona State creates a 3-team logjam for fifth place in the Pac-10 with the third team being Arizona. While Oregon moves back into the bracket, today's game against the Wildcats is a must-win for the Ducks. A loss by the Wildcats moves them precariously close to the cut line, only helped by the strength of their non-conference schedule.

St. Joseph's huge win over Xavier moves them to last team in. Idle Maryland becomes the last team out. Southern Illinois was one of the last 4 teams out in this bracket, however, its loss in Arch Madness places them out of the NCAA's for good. Joining the Salukis and Terps as the last teams out were Ohio State and Syracuse who scored season-saving wins this week but still need wins over Michigan State and Marquette respectively to put them back in.

Now the rundown...

Multi-bid conferences:
Big East - 7, Pacific-10 - 7, Big 12 - 6, ACC - 5, SEC - 5, Big 10 - 4, Atlantic 10 - 3, Mountain West - 3, Missouri Valley - 2, West Coast - 2

New teams in the bracket:
Oregon, St. Joseph's, UC Santa Barbara

Teams out of the bracket:
Florida, Maryland, Cal State Northridge

Last 4 Teams In:
Massachusetts, Arizona State, Virginia Tech, St. Joseph's

Last 4 Teams Out:
Maryland, Ohio State, Syracuse, Southern Illinois


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks. I stumbled upon the matrix several days ago "googling" for information about bubble teams, specifically the Illinois State Redbirds. This is a great site! I've referred several people to it this week already.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say Free Shoes University was hanging in there witht a win over Miami, but I think that team needs two wins, and the second one ain't coming against Duke or the Evil Empire.

Anonymous said...

Maryland should be in there they beat unc and almost duke thats enough to get you in if your #5 in the acc