Monday, March 10, 2008

Bracket - March 10

After I finished my bracket, I felt very good about the teams I picked. For the first time in weeks, there was a dividing line between the haves and have-nots. Ohio State and Syracuse won big games over ranked teams to get in. Virginia Tech, Maryland, and St. Joe's lost games that put them outside the bubble. Heck, Joe Lunardi and I have the same field of 65 (albeit with different seeds...Davidson with a 7...are you serious?).

Then, I've started watching the Monday games. San Diego triumphs over Gonzaga. Middle Tennessee beats South Alabama. Both Gonzaga and South Alabama figure to have at-large bids which means two spots are now taken by conference qualifiers. The next bracket will be published Friday so there figures to be plenty of changes between now and then.

Now the rundown...

Multi-bid conferences:
Big East - 8, Pac-10 - 7, Big 12 - 6, Big 10 - 5, SEC - 5, ACC - 4, Mountain West - 3, Atlantic 10 - 2, Missouri Valley - 2, West Coast - 2

New teams in the bracket:
George Mason, Ohio State, Sacred Heart, Stephen F. Austin, Syracuse, Utah State, Winthrop

Teams out of the bracket:
Boise State, Lamar, NC-Asheville, Robert Morris, Siena, Virginia Commonwealth, Virginia Tech

Last 4 teams in:
Oregon, Ohio State, Syracuse, Arizona State

Last 4 teams out:
Mississippi, Western Kentucky, Villanova, Dayton

Next 4 teams out:
Virginia Tech, Florida State, St. Joseph's, UAB

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